Top Tips for Office Kitchen Cleaning

Top Tips for Office Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen and the break room are some of the most significant parts of an office. It’s the central area, and it’s used by all the employees.

It is usually the first place people go when they want to take a break, and it is often the last place people clean.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the kitchen is one of the dirtiest and most overlooked parts of office spaces.

The Importance of Cleaning your Office Kitchen

A clean office kitchen is vital for many reasons. The presence of dirty dishes and an unswept floor can lower morale and worker satisfaction.

Dirty kitchens are also more likely to develop dangerous bacteria or mold and make people sick.

If you want your team members to be more productive, you should keep your kitchen clean and organized at all times. Working in an organized environment helps you focus on your tasks and keeps your mind at ease.

Here are our top tips to keep your office kitchen clean:

Coffee Machine

Nowadays, you will find a coffee maker in almost every office kitchen, and we all know how intensely it is used. Of course, there comes a time when this coffee machine needs to be cleaned.

The regularity of cleaning depends on the frequency of use. Make an office habit that the first person to make the first pot each day must remember to give it a clean.


Nobody wants to heat their meals between spills and crumbs that aren’t wiped out.

On top of that, those can be the breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Not to mention all the germs from the handles and buttons from everyone heating their lunch.

Make sure the microwave is thoroughly wiped at the end of every day to prevent any build-ups, and add some instructions for the users to cover any item and wipe it up after themselves.


Use a memo to remind your staff about the weekly fridge cleaning and ask them to remove anything they want to keep at a specified time.

A sponge, warm water, and some washing-up liquid or antibacterial kitchen wipes should be enough to give your fridge a quick, hygienic wipe down. Wash and dry the drawers and shelves in the sink.

Place a fridge odor absorber or an open container of baking soda or ground coffee in the back of the fridge to reduce food odors.

To prevent nasty smells, make sure you clean your office fridge monthly.

Sink Area

Make a rule in your company about that pile of unwashed cups and dishes from your office kitchen sink

Encourage your employees to wash their dishes and return them to the right place.

Always stock around sponges, dishcloths, and cleaning solutions.


Crumbs and spillages are commonly found on the office kitchen countertops. To avoid stains and dirt build-up, use antibacterial spray on all surfaces in your kitchen area at the end of every day.


We talked in a previous post about the importance of bin cleaning.

All bins should be emptied at the end of every working day to eliminate smells in the kitchen and wiped a few times a week using disinfecting products.


A dirty kitchen can lead to bacteria growth which can cause sickness, smells, and other problems.

Having a clean kitchen area and breakroom is a decision. Maintaining it is a habit.

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